What's Your 200m Race Strategy?

I’m gathering a lot of opinions from people on how they run the 200m so I can put together a strategy of my own. Right now, the one that seems to work best is to accelerate to 90% on the curve, and then 50-60 meters in the race accelerate again to 100% and run at 100% until about 150. After 150 you will start to get tired so all you should do is just concentrate on holding your form and keeping your arms pumping.

thats what I do basically… Have a killer start and when i get almost outa the corner I accel to 100% and use it to sling “sling shot” me out of it and balls to the wall the rest

95% on the corner. Basically almost all out but relaxation is important. Then with 120 to go is when I basically push it to full out. For me that’s probably the best way to expend my energy during the race but other strategy’s would be more effective for other people.