What's Up with This?

Howcome when I review any material that involves Clemson, his name is in small print and cannot be clicked on?

Is this just for me or is it like this for you to?

Why can’t I click on his name?

Because he’s been banned.

Why has he been banned? What for? When did this happen?:?

Whats a fella gotta do 2 get an answer around here? Lol

I agree. Clemson is one of the cornerstones of this forum and extensively knowledgeable… I didn’t notice anything offensive of his :confused:

I believe you can also request to have your account removed, which also might have happened.

Deleted this morning.

This is not meant to be inflammatory but will surely come off as such. I apologize in advance…

Haven’t you noticed the disrespectful tone of some of his posts?

I mean that in all honesty. I think he is a smart coach and have looked forward to his insights in the past but as of late, his posts have more often than not been jabs rather than adding anything to our collective base of knowledge or the productivity of training discussions.