Whats the point of this?

Has anyone here used this?

The point is, it is easy money.

It’s SPP for the case where someone throws one of those cushions onto the track in a meet…

It just seems to be a contradiction of learning to accelerate or how to put power into the ground. If I were doing this I would be too worried about that stupid pad to really drop some power into the ground. How the hell is it that these folks stay in business is beyond me. I guess it’s the marketing…

what the hell do you do with it? i dont get it

I assume it is proprioceptive work for the ankle. I assume they are going to come down on the pad and try and stabalise the ankle joint.

I doubt it is for power, probably for change of direction sports such as soccer etc. I don’t know if this kind of stuff works but I was told by one eminant researcher that if you are going to do proprioceptive work you should include “unexpected stimulus” e.g. a sudden and unexpected force to challenge the body to respond activly rather than passivley.

One exercise used by England Rugby is to stand on a “Reebok Core Board” and someone from behind you steps on a corner of the board so it moves without the person on the board being able to prepare themselves for it.


I mean I know WHY they do it but it just seems gimmicky.

I would love to do a study with two identical twins and train them each differently.

Twin A: with all the toys and goodies from perform better and a top notch Guru.

Twin B: Charlie a hill and a set of cinder blocks. Maybe a few branches for hurdles…

I agree, it would be enlightening. But there are lots of people at Elite level in the uk doing this stuff. Its going mainstream! AHHHHHHHHHHH

Although I am familiar with these so-called proprioceptive tactics, a better way to perform them would be on a solid surface like, drum roll please, “the ground”! If you want to add difficulty simply do some of these drills blindfolded while under the watchful eyes of your coach or spotter. There is some literature by both Siff and Roman regarding the “blindfold” method.

i like this idea. i got plans to start pulling a charlie.

But how much could you charge for a bag of “ground”. I mean really, there is a limit to what the market will bear.


You charge for results. A bag of “ground” as you put it, blindfolds, box squats and many others have proven useful in training.

Unfortunately even lunges on a dyna disc or whatever is depicted in the previous photo will be accepted in almost any market. Perception is reality and if enough people are convinced by “snake oil” solutions they will do much more then bear it, they will deify it! Think of all the infomercials from Tae Bo to Pilates and Bow Flex to the Total Gym. The list is endless.

I thought it was the old “let’s stamp on the whoopie cushion drill”