What's the best ZMA?

What brand is the best to take money is not an issue. thanks

We had this discussion before and what most people recommened was ZMA made by “SNAC”.
I am presntly taking prescision engineered brand of ZMA but it is my first time taking it so i have nothing to comare it too to tell you its effectiveness.

SNAC ZMA is made by many companies. Just make sure the SNAC name is on the bottle otherwise it isn’t the real deal.

If the technology is the same (snac certified) then will price be the only difference?

What about Biotest?

biotest uses the snac formula.

I’ve had good results with Bitoest but have yet to try any other brands.

Biotest is a SNAC product.

I have also tried NOW, but I feel that the SNAC formula is better.

the nutrition shop in my area mostly has NOW products. Does this company make pretty good products overall?

What would be the difference in taking a Magnesium tablet and a Zinc tablet vs taking ZMA (Biotest?)

Assuming the athlete already is taking a multi-vitamin (B-6), wouldn’t things be the same?

just got more zma from snac today.

call snac (use tom greens name)
thank you tom green

and get group discount 14.95

14.95…smokin price!

my ZMA which i already stated was pretty much a vitamin world generic brand called Precision Engineered" says on the label “ZMA is a trademark of SNAC Systems Inc.” and “L-OptiZinc is a trademark of Interhealth NJ.”.
do those statments tel us anything about the quality of the product being it is the same as the SNAC formaula?

yes? no? maybee so?

NOW is a SNAC formula ZMA.

ZMA with the SNAC formula is the real deal. Its nice to have a few supplements that work. I like Biotest and SNAC ZMA. I think the high grains are responsible for zinc depletion in the diet.

Any info on Musashi ZMA? SNAC formula?

try the cytodyne zmass. it works for me

yeah i decided to by the zmass pm. ive been sleeping better already.

doesnt the zmass pm have something else added? dopamine??