What's Ben Up To Now?

Hey Charlie (or anyone who knows),

What’s Ben Johnson up to these days?

He did an interview Wednesday with The Fan 590 radio…
You can find it here…


Thanks mate, this is great. Much appreciated.

No prob man

I can’t find it.


thank you very much. :slight_smile:

Hey fellas I found the actual interview on the radio station fan 590 website, its pretty good but for some reason I couldn’t get the whole thing (ie it cut out in the middle of a question) Anyway here it is:


Just scroll down and find the Ben Johnson link.

It would be great if he write a book,I heard that ato will…

Can’t wait for Ben’s new tell all book and video. :eek:

The link doesnt seem to work, I just sent them an email to see if they can help…

try this one.


Ben is mad funny.


When it doesn’t work and says this page cannot be found you have to click on the http://www.fan590.com or whatever that site is so it can reload/refresh.

The link worked, unfortunately, whoever compressed it and put it on the site did a piss-poor job, b/c not only is it cut off early, but its very static(y).

Btw, I had no idea BJ’s mom just recently passed away…my condolences to him and his.

i wanted to know what ben’s occupation were today, his job etc…

and does he still have to cope with the blame and bad tongue of ppl?