What Would Hiking Do?

I am wondering what effect walking steep hills (once per weak) might have on my running speed.
If I was to do a lot of reps spread over two sessions on the same day of hiking and running the 200m steep hill, what effect might it have?

I would have several rest days afterwards which is a key component of my point.

Would I get slower? I would not be using maximum power or speed on the hill, and some of it would be aerobic, I suspect a lot of it would be anearobic with a lot of lastic acid pump.

In theory, it would probably make me a slower sprinter, but are things that simple? Could it make me faster?

I don’t need to lose weight or muscle, I am not huge and not fat.
I am 6-1, 185 pounds.

Would extensive hills/ high volume total reps, in 2 or 3 x 40min sessions one day a weak be of any benefit? (followed by a few rest days, and then training that is more conventional on other days.)

I don’t do weight training and don’t care to go back to weight training either.

Seeing as I am not under 10.50 sec for sprinting 100m I feel i have more room for experimentation than elite sprinter, but I don’t want to flog a dead horse either if it wont make me faster.

Any response appreciated. :slight_smile:

If you are tired any speed session becomes a speed endurance session. For optimal performance you wan to be fresh but you have a life too so if you have to hike then just fit what you need aorund it.