What Will I Run?

What will I run tomorrow?

I have never taken this long off from running or lifting, so I have no idea what my times will be like, its been about 3 months sense I have lifted regularly and in that time I have probably only run twice.

The last 2 years I ran 6.67 at the end of the season and 6.87 and 6.78 to start the season, so what will I run in my first race of the season?

What ever you run, have fun doing it.

hey when u get a time down let us know

what was the time.

Looks like the odds makers win this one, 6.90 which ironically was the only time that wasnt a choice, and 20’1.5 in the long jump, about what I expected for sitting on my ass for the last 3 months.

Well after finals are over this week its training time, maybe by the end of indoor I’ll run something not so embarrasing

what was the winning time?

My two former teammates went 1 & 2 with 6.49 and 6.53.

Last week at the same track they went 1 & 2 at 6.44 and 6.51

they should have a poll for 60m too.