What to do in 3.5 feet of snow...

since i couldn’t run anywhere or lift because there was 3.5 feet of snow EVERYWHERE since tuesday and cabin fever finally crept over me i did a “medecine ball” workout shoveling snow. i did overhead throws and back wards and forewards with at least 20lbs in each shovel load. so if anyone is in the same situation, shovel snow.

LOL, I did the same type of thing earlier in the season when we had our record-breaking snowfall in the DC/Baltimore area.

One thing to watch out for - I was back in the gym two days later and after doing a couple of sets of snatches, my back spasmed and I had to stop my workout. Apparently, shovelling was higher intensity work than I realized.


Hi rep snow angels…good for the delts, lats, and “those troublesome inner and outer thighs”…of course most inner thigh problems are in inverse proportion to the amount of time spent…uhh well…sorry, this is a family show:baddevil::

lol!! dont forget about making snowmen