what to do for soleus strain?

What is the doctor’s name?

Private message sent…

Wow. Let us know if the issue stays gone!

Day 2 after doctor visit.

Tempo again today, she ran big circuit.

No tightness, no tenderness or pain… felt great afterwards, everything fine so far…

does this guy have a website? sounds like he should. it would be great if he has a few articles about what he knows…

Private message sent…

Anyone else that would like contact information for this amazing Doctor, please feel free to send me a private message.

Especially for those who have been frustrated with traditional medicine… My daughter over the past 4 years went to the best sports Orthopedic Doctors in the area, the best sports Chiro/ART doctor in the area, but each and EVERY time she was always told she needed weeks of therapy, each time, that the ‘injury’ was injured tissue…

And, as I told before, after becoming frustrated each time… finally going and seeing this Doctor and each and every instance being ‘fixed’ in a matter of minutes.

I must admit, the past 3 times that I repeated this cycle, I felt quite foolish, and my daughter was not happy one bit that she had wasted so much time and training doing ‘therapy’.

Anyone within reasonable distance of the Seattle area should consider trying this doctor, the results are amazing.
In retrospect, I feel bad for my daughter how much time was actually wasted not seeing him right away.

I’ve just returned to the track and have had two sessions. my right soleus/achilles area have been a little bit sore after the second session. part of it is possibly due to the firmness of the track, part could be due to the fact that I have been focussing a little more on calf stretch.

I treated with anti-inflam cream for a couple of days and it has worked to take the edge off the soreness, btu I still feel as though the muscle could be a bit hyper-tonic. it just over contracts every time I take a step. I’ve given it some gentle massage to try and help it relax but I haven’t had much luck. I feel as though it is going to flare up again the next time I run.

any suggestions for how I can get it to settle down??

The best things I’ve found for me was to fix the Tibialias anterior muscle. Lots of massaging and cupping etc.
It took about 10 session for me as mine were completely stuffed…
That was Jan / Feb this yr.
Zero lower leg issues since. Which is an all time 1st for me. I’ve always had lower leg issues.

static or sliding??

pfft! now I feel like an idiot for even asking. of course cupping is the answer. it always is.

done. feels 90% better…

1st static.
For me, I couldn’t slid for a few sessions.
The pain was like knifes being thrown at me and that was just static.

Once the pain just became pain and no more stinging then I was able to slide.
The slide brought back stinging. …
Eventually the muscle lost the war and pain from cupping subsidies.

Since then , only quick touch ups have been needed.

That was my experience.
I have only come across one other person whose tibialas anterior was in the same ballpark of pain as mine were… so hopefully you’ll respond better and quicker than I did.

Just doing the soleus, I didn’t get pain, only pleasant relief. I found that the part where the gastroc joins the flatter portion is where I was tightest. Got a few lumps to work on…

Soleus injuries can take a while to heal, I found using a thermoskin bandage effective.

Compression wear works pretty good when you’re suffering doms. Sleeping in it helps too.

I sleep in thermoskins on both achilles definitely helps recovery.

Use heat and pool work, don’t use ice or stretch it. Many physio may advocate stretching however there’s no evidence indicating that is stretching will improve recovery. If anything during the initial phase of healing, it can aggravate the injury.

Keep off firm tracks and when it does settle down, don’t go back into speed work, stick with tempo and general fitness.

one cupping session has fixed it good. I’d almost forgotten about it.

seriously, for anyone who hasn’t tried it, cupping is magic…

Just be careful that it doesn’t flare up again.

Reading your posts and Boldwarriors in the past have really gotten me interested in cupping. I try my best at massage and also use EMS regularly, but it would be great to learn this too!