What should be next?

Ok i’ve got;
-The 2002 Forum Review
-Speed Trap
-GPP Essentials

What do you guys think the next purchase should be?

-Vancouver 2003
-Fundamentals of Speed and Strength
-2004 Vancouver Series

Which one touches on SPP the most?


Read my reviews in the reviews and recommendations sections for full details.


Van’2004: http://www.charliefrancis.com/community/showthread.php?t=10841

Appreciated. That was informative.

have all 3 that you mentioned and really you cant go wrong as they all have something to offer your coaching and education

IMO, you’ve already got the top 4. Here’s the concise review of your stated options:
-Van '03: good stories
-Fundamentals I: starts+some training ideas
-Van '04: planning(including SPP)

We’re coming up with some new material, expect the best e-book yet!

No release date set, but its coming.


I have the vancouver 2004 Notes and I do not see anything for SPP? Note sure what i am missing. I even did a word search for SPP and got nothing.
Anxiously waiting for SPP

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding, but I think the later weeks of the charts on pages 6 and 9 are showing the beginnings of SPP. It’s very high quality work.

The two charts that are short to long and long to short which are about 12 weeks long. Going form memory right now since I am at work.
Are those SPP? With two speed endurance sessions and one speed session a week.

Another question?
Is it ok to do circuits on off days? On the other hand, do you want the day to be more recovery based with tempo and hurdle drills?

Med ball volume - explosive on speed days - what about tempo days?