What say we ...

anyone think about asking CF and or Rupert for a “results” area (special results posting place - or whatchamacallit) for us?

-season coming up, I’m sure most of us like to see how we all are doing in competition… without having to wade through all the training journal entries.

  • it could be set up like “training Journals” where we can all lpost our own results journals.

Thats what the journal is for, if i am reading your post correctly.

The journal is your online, well, journal. I think its fitting that you would keep all your results there also??

Athlete Development is another common place to post results.

Yeah I suppose, Rupert, if all you want is to record your own results; Im talking about a place to specificaly enter your results and see other members’ results without
digging through the training journaling, and related yada yada, and then picking out someone’s meet results.
Why not a spot just for members’ results…
If I wanted to see how say jacksprat did, it would be right there.
…but as we say in hawaii, “if no need, no need”.

I think what joe wants is a thread where athletes just post their results and nothing else in the meets that they enter. In that case Joe just start a new thread with the exact info you want to see! But remember not everyone will contribute to it, especially the slower athletes like me!LOL

Let’s start with the calender, one step at a time. I think it would be a good idea to post events, then we can work out results.



Excellent idea, have a calendar of events and then users can post what event they did and what there time was.


Get in touch with Tom Green for some direction on the Calender!



Me again…
OK not sure what you had in mind Rupert.
From my side, this; Iwas checking some training journals of people I’m not too familiar with and had a hard time finding results since one has to wade through journal posts… also some of us have different comp schedules, live on different continents, so looking for certain dates doesnt work.
Some of us dont post our pr’s which is fine, but for those that do, it isnt always easy to find them, whereas a “results” area would include times and dates; we could also see “before” and “after” times chronologicaly.Posters could also post their pr’s.

Well, I’m going to start a thread on the “Results” page this saturday after my all-comers meet. Simplot warmup meet, here I come.

Why not post it in the freshly minted “My Results” forum?

First, much mahalos for the new “my results” forum!!!
That said, I must say your new avatar is quite distracting if not mesmerizing!
But hey, it might get us more excited about it all.