What program to do?

OK, but I was wondering how you set out your training
e.g. Monday: Speed + Weights
Tues: Tempo + Abs

Having read a bit about Bill Starr’s set up I must say it’s not a bad one for track. I like how he keeps it to just those three moves. Maybe for the maintenance you could work it down to 3x5 then 3x3, or 4 (80%), 3 (80%), 2 (90%) inseason. Try and back up your lifts with supplementary plyos (box jumps, med ball throws etc).

Track practice is everyday after school mon-fri. so whatever the coach tells us to do will be my sprinting workout. Then for weights I will do 3X3 with a weight I know I can get and some abs. How does this look?

Thanks for all of your help

That looks fine, so long as you have 48 hours between maximal track sessions. Do your weights on the same day as your hard track sessions so that you have maximum time to recover before the next one.
E.g. if you know are doing speed on Monday (high intensity), do your weights a little later on the same day, so that you have enough time to recover before the big session, which in this case would be Wednesday. On Tuesday you would ideally do tempo work and this could be combined with whatever ‘core’ work you do (abs/back/sides etc).

No worries and best of luck with everything!