What Kind of Spikes Does Everyone Wear?

I wore these last year…

i thought they did all right as i
competed in 5 different events
with them including LJ and TJ :clap:

I like this years model of the Adidas Adistar Lite Sprint. Try that out. (not for jumping though).


what does everyone use for practice? does anyone use the middle distance spikes for practice - i can get them for like $5 for practice but i wanted to know if they can be used for practice for sprinting and jumping.


I would say they would be fine for tempo days.

If possible, buy proper jumping spikes for LJ and TJ. The sprint spikes pictured at the top of this forum do not provide adequate support for the take-offs and landings. The LJ and TJ shoes are built more rigidly for protection of the foot (with some sort of heel protection), due to the greater ground forces at take-off and landing. A typical sprint spike leaves you vulnerable to a lot of punishment to your feet (particularly the arch and heel).

Although the sprint spike may be lighter, the trade-off in weight will be greater protection in terms of support and durability. For athletes that don’t have access to specialty shoes, multi-purpose spikes or middle distance spikes can be used. I know Kenny Harrison used mid-distance spikes for quite a while in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s before he upgraded to mizuno tj spikes. And he was jumping well over 17.00m with those shoes.

i know i should get the jumping spikes except i cant find any for under $50 in size 12.

does anyone use spikes for practice? what kind?-the same as comp spikes?

i dont think we should use spikes for tempo because we are going at such a slow pace and it would be easier on your legs–thats why i uze flats.