What is this song called?

There is this techno song I am trying to find, and I dont know the name to it. It has no words in it. It has a fast beat that basically goes like this the whole time (this is the best way I can describe the techno song)

Da, na, na, na…Da, na, na, na, na, na, na, na

Sometime it breaks into only five beats.

But I have heard it played at the beginning of an all star NHL game (when they were calling out players, it was playing).

I know the description isn’t that great, but it is hard to put into words when the song has none. Hopefully someone might know what techno song this is.

Got even a better clue:

Its the song with the beat that is in the song “Omnibus” by Laut Sprecher. It just doesn’t have the words in it, and the beat is fast.

Not sure… guessing Sandstorm?

Bingo, thanks Davan.