What is the difference between Vancouver 2003 and 2004?

I have CFTS and the GPP DVD, and was looking to get another DVD to aid me in planning my next season. The only problem is, is I don’t know if I really need the Vancouver 2003 DVD or not. I would like to get the 2004 one, but don’t know if there is anything on the 2003 one that I may need to see.

So, do I really need to get the 2003 one? Is did a search, but could only find a description of the 2004 one.

I also plan on getting Fundamentals 1 shortly after.

Vancouver 2003 is the first seminar, 2004 is an expansion of the methodologies outlined with 2003 with much more material between both disks. You need both.

Hope that helps


I have to buy both?!?! :slight_smile:


Seriously though, thank you for the information.

I saw that the Vancouver 2004 series was on for instant download, but not Vancouver 2003. Any plans to make Vancouver 2003 a instant download as well?

just buy them, it;s worth the money and you’ve got better image quality.

The data sent is good quality. The computer that receives the data is out of our control. :slight_smile:


Which is better quality, the DVD or the instant download? I wouldn’t think there is a difference.

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The DVDs are better picture quality but you don’t have to pay shipping and then wait for them to go through customs etc with the downloads…


There is a difference. DVD quality is for home use and the downloads are for computer/PC use without a DVD player. There is also a price difference between both products.

Hope that helps