what is more important, flexibility or strength

what is more important in running, flexibility or strength in your legs


Yea, strenght. I kno this guy who cant even past his shin when stretching to touch his knees, he cant even get into the hurdle ground stretch, hardly could make any static stretch fully. Same goes for dynamic stretches etc. His knees hardly come up high when he is running, but he has strenght. And he always kills me in races. Im very flexible but it can never make up for strenght. But strength can make up for lack of flexibility. The two should work hand in hand but Strength in the legs will always be more important.

You should only be as flexible as is needed to attain an adequet range of movement - other than this you want to be as tight and elastic as possible.

well then, since i cant do full squats anymore cause of my back, what is a good strength exersize for my hams, what rep ranges, sets

What happened to your back?

IMO, nothing can replace squats for sprint specific leg strength. You should only squat as deep as you can maintain a neutral spine; if that means a half squat then thats fine.

Try using 3 sets of 2-6 reps. Cycling the reps down over a 4 week cycle has always produced good results for me!

Can you be over-flexible? and if so how do you assess that you are over flexible?

my chiropractor says that my lower back bones are out of line big time, he fixed my back by popping it and such, and he said everytime i worked out with 45 degree squats that is messed my back up everytime i did it.

and he says i should only go 33degrees always, but i can only do 45degree squats when i max out. and another thing he said was that no one should go below 45degrees because it will blow out your knees

and by the way, this guy is PROFESSIONAL, he trained the Atlanta falcons when the went to the superbowl, minnesota vikings, chicago bears, and the buffalo bills. so id go what he says.