What is missing?

I’ve been training like a sprinter for the past year(speed, tempo, weights) and now when I get on the ice I feel like something is missing from my training. I am unable to go hard for a complete shift without accumulating lactate. Maybe my body just needs time to optimize lactate levels? Are there any workouts that can be done to help this(eg. sprints with short recoveries, speed endurance work)?

Hockey players play hockey, sprinters sprint. You haven’t been training like a hockey player, thats your problem.

I actually felt alot better on my 4th time out on the ice. Maybe I just needed some time to adjust to the different movement patterns.

Chris, if I trained like a typical hockey player I would be slow as hell, in an overtrained state and I would make only marginal improvements the whole year. Sprint training is the way to go for most sports.

I interpret what Chris said to mean that at some point you have to train specifically for Hockey. GPP must lay the foundation for SPP. Every sport is different and there are many things to consider. This is the challenge of sports performance enhancement and hence why some would call it a blend of Art and Science. I believe you should think about training in terms of principles and not in terms of this method of training is better than that etc. :slight_smile:

Every single person I’ve worked with that gets on the ice for the first time after an extended period of time (over 6 weeks) feels like they’ve got legs of lead. It goes away quick so don’t worry about it.

Or the principles that apply to it but for each sport specifically. :slight_smile:

Men, are you crazy? I’m sure you don’t have any skills at all. To be a good hockey player, you need to train like a hockey player, not like a sprinter.

… and in the off-season doing sprint work is what smart hockey players do.

off-season, sprint 2 days a week and on the ice once. this would make the transition much easier.

With a limited off season you must prioritize your training time (economy of training) on the qualities which will improve performance that the sport itself does not allow time for (poor training practices of hockey coaches).

IMO that would be strength, speed and power, not special endurance. You can play yourself into game shape, but you can not improve strength and power once the season begins!


This is where most guys get confused. They wanna have all this wind and go for these long shifts but as the season wears on their explosiveness drops yet they can pull a 90 second shift.

I agree,

Get to the puck first a few times - or - Get to the puck second all game long

Lead the action - or - Chase the action

To win the war you have to win the battles (get to the puck first!)