What is considered a decent Masters 1500m time?

I have a friend (32 years old) who is an ex 400 runner. (He was pretty good back in the day, bunch of 49.0s for 400 and 22.0s for 200.

He’d like to step up to the 1500m for masters comp. Just wondering what a good 1500m time is for a submasters?

He wants to get back into running and feels 1500m training will give him a good balance of speed and cardio training.


The NZ Masters Track Champs were held here last weekend, I will find the results from a few different events and post them.

Here is a link to USAT&F where a master runner set a world record in the 1500 recently.( in his age group 45-49)
As to answering your question the time could range from 3.40 - 3.50 . ( it all depends on how good he wants to be )
I had a site where times are ranked for submasters and masters, as well as records for each age group; once i find it i will post it for you.


since he was a sprinter why doesnt he want to just sprint again with a focus on the 400?
I never heard of a sprinter or xsprinter in his case wanting to run the 1500! Unless his sprinter mentality has totally changed :eek:

I have, the reasons are injuries, particularly hamstring related ones, and time.
With all the other commitments many find it easier to simply run for an hour 4-5 days pw and use that as their training. Most Masters athletes compete for the fun of it & ages 35 -50 are very busy years with work and family…trust me on that :smiley:

yep exactly :slight_smile:

This guy had the work capacity of a horse. He could cruise to 1:53 in the 800 easily back in the day.




chart of master 1500m guy