What intensity is this?

Just wondering what level of intensity of intensity this type of drill work would fall under:

Pretty impressive stuff. I would think it would be low basically since he’s stationary. Thoughts?

For Basketball and the speed at which he’s doing it I’d say high for the event. If you’re just learning you wouldn’t be able to go at that pace so not really intense at all.

If you’re working on technique, get it perfect first then slowly quicken the pace with more rest between and shorter sets.

What do you mean when you say “for the event?” Also, what if you can do it a pace close to what he’s doing?

With no disrespect meant towards Mr. Otter, I question the validity of even doing these “drills”.

They start out with a passable basketball position, but most of them turn into a “look how fast I can do this” speed. When he is at top speed in these drills, in several of them, he is in a really poor athletic position, one that many coaches would never want to see anyone actually handling the ball in! I don’t see the transfer to playing a game with them, unless you were trying out for the Harlem Globetrotters :smiley:

While I tend to agree on the Harlem Globetrotter aspect of it :), I think, especially for a point guard, having such a quick handle can be very useful in penetration and can a lot of the time, compensate for lack of explosiveness, first step, etc. Regardless, Devils, would doing drills similar to what Otter is doing, (example: stationary, in an athletic position, dribbling as hard and quick as you can, between the leg, crossover, between the leg crossover and so on) be a low intensity activity or something I could practice on “low” day? This could be wrong, but I thought CNS stimulation was directly to related to the amount of motor units being recruited? this type of actiovity woukdn’t seem to be really “intense” from that perspective. Thanks.

My best guess is that Plook has it about right.

If the athlete were an advanced basketball player, I think these would be “low”. However, to someone lacking ball handling skills, I suppose that they might be classified as “high”.

Just my guess!

Drills are low intensity and Otter is selling his skill that he has developed i’d love to be able to dribble like this but i’d rather play in the NBA and sink 88/100 3pts.

Wow, that was kool as.
Looks rather low intensity CNS wise, particularly for a beginner, he would be slow as. Even elite guys, would not be high CNS i would think? Would have to view a guy Actually doing it and how one responds to it afterwards. AM thinking although hard, still low CNS effort.

Thanks guys. that’s what i figured too. there are some other videos of him that are pretty incredible too. Woukld you do stuff like that in a game? Probably not. But does it make a difference knowing that you can do basically anything with a ball, at unbeleivable speeds? You better beleive it. That type of confidence handling the ball is invaluable.