What if..

It seems that I always have to preface my questions with this but: Please excuse me if this has been covered before.
What is the sum of all of Ben’s best splits–his hypothetical “best race”?

That’s always a tough one to answer, since how likely is it that the finish can proceed at the best possible time if the start has been completely maximal. Since, as far as I know, all of Bens fastest initial segments occurred in Seoul out to 60, the theoretical difference would be if he could then add on his all-time fastest segments to the finish. The fastest segments- some measured by film analysis, as splits were not done = 60 to 70, .81, 70 to 80, .82, 80 to 90, .84, 90 to 100, .86. Total them up and you get a theoretical 9.66. More realistic is to assess what he might have run by going all the way through the race, and on the new faster surfaces, with the new louder block speakers. You won’t be a long way away from the first figure.

clear, concise, succinct…thanks