What happened in Oslo ?

Can someone please explain how this tie break thing works? Is it a rule from now on? I was watching this golden league high jump and I didn’t understand this high jump tie break… I mean I know that they take one jump and they start decending. But that doesn’t seem it. I mean what if 2 would jump a low distance, would they keep on decending!? It would make no sense. I really don’t understand it.

I believe when all the remaining competitors miss 3 times at one height, the judges go to the scorecards and award the win to the competitor with the least # of misses at lower heights.

In this case the two ladies were tied on previous misses, so the official gets to decide what height to lower the bar to (Our commentator says they usually go to the last made height.) They keep lowering it until one or all of the competitors clears it. If both had cleared it as you asked, the official would have raised the bar again to a height of his choosing and repeats the process.

It seems like it could take forever, but as you saw today, once they start missing, they really fall apart. I think the longer-legged competitors have the advantage in tie break mode because when everyone’s legs are shot and no one is really getting off the ground anymore, the taller person need only hold their form over the bar and it’s at a higher height by virtue of their physical height.

Thanks a lot man. Its just that this is the first time I see this. Because sometimes I see more than one athlete takeing the same medal colour because of a tie. So I didn’t understand why they just didn’t give them both a 1st place. Is this a new rule? Or is it that the tie break only works when the tie is on 1st place and and other ties on 2d or 3rd would be left as it is?