What genetic/dna features make an *ELITE* Sprinter

Hi, I am new to the website & sprinting in general. I have done my research using the search function and couldn’t digg up my question.

My question is, What genetic/dna features make an elite world class sprinters

The only ones I know so far are, If you don’t mind please list some more.

  • Fast Twitch Fibers

Thank you

High testosterone, broad shoulders, low oestrogen, narrow hips, tall, relatively long legs, relatively long and thin achilles, small feet, thin lower legs, fast twitch muscle fibres.

Thanks man

Explosive nervous system too.

So there is no way people can possibly work on to get any of those things?

You cannot change your genetics via any legal means.

You can certainly maximize what you have with good training and demolish it with bad!

You can’t choose your parents…

I know a few people carrying similar characteristics…but unfortunately they havent had the psychology to take it anywhere…

Psychology is another very important factor.

Perhaps ‘opportunity’ could be considered, while sometimes it is in your control and other times out of your control. However this might not be a part of your genes, it could be a result of your socialisation as a young person.

I think it was Michael Johnson who said something along the lines of:

“The event chooses the athlete, not the other way around.”

I personally reckon there’s an event for everyone in track and field – if you’re 6’6" and gain weight real easy, then you’d probably be a good shot-putter. If you’re some decent height and have those fast-twitch fibres, then you’d probably make a good sprinter. If you’re lanky and thin, maybe a 400m/800m/400m hurdler?

The most important thing IMHO is to remain healthy! That is a combination of genetics and intelligent training…

Actually that’s not true as Epigenetics control which genes are expressed and these can be changed both in utero and over a lifetime by the environment you place yourself in. See http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/sciencenow/3411/02.html

I am talking about things that you can realistically change now to make a dramatic change. I love epigenetics and a lot of other things, but realistically, you got a college guy, how are you going to improve his performance? Get him stronger, more fit, doing plenty of speed work, good nutritional habits, etc. or trying to make genomic changes?

oh and an elongated heel bone or “lark heel”. wow mo greenes feet look huge there!

I think you can take Carl Lewis and Ben Johnson alone and argue the case that there are many “ideal” physiologies.

Small feet?? never heard that one before. Please explain . . .

less weight at the end of a lever.

oh… ok.
Biomechanics is my worst subject but… you notice how Cheetah’s and Kangeroos lower leg is like the foot and the actual foot like the toes, and obviously they get the best use of their achilles… just a thought