What exercises are acceptable with achilles injury?

I had a nasty clash in a game 2 and a half weeks ago, when I think my foot got stuck into the ground with somebody else’s weight on it while I lost my balance.

Anyway, while I can do a traditional calf stretch without problem, I cannot plantar-flex the foot without excruciating pain. Especially when I push off my toes, point them right down or walk backwards. The seems to come from the inside of the tendon, about an inch or so above the bone. I had a scan which came back clear. Nobody I’ve seen has been able to come up with a diagnosis, rather just prescriptions to continue resting for another 2-4 weeks.

So are weight-bearing exercises to be avoided? Obviously I’ve dropped squats, but what about good mornings? I don’t find they aggravate it, but perhaps they’d be slowing down the recovery just because the injured tendon would be bearing a fair weight… Is it just a case of being consigned to the machines for lower-body work then?

ally in the past i had alot of trouble with my achilles.the only thing that worked for me apart from therapy was eccentric heal drops.its essential for strenghtening the achilles due to lack of blood flow thus leading slow recovery.what type of scan did you get???

also resting the achilles in stupid.you must get blood flowing to the area even ems will help blood flow.

Ultrasound scan.

Eccentric heel drops… like these:


yes exercise A+B

You need to go up with the uninjured leg or both and down with the injured unless there is pain then you need to load the injured as much as you can without pain. There should be no pain.

in my point of view and expereience there will be pain.in the past i had to perform such rehab twice per day and sometimes tears would be flowing both with frustration and pain.also don’t forget that the the body will protect itself from pain,in other words it will avoid from going over the red tape