What do you want at CharlieFrancis.com?

Its 2003, and we’d like to know how we can make your experience even better here at CharlieFrancis.com. We want to know what you think, leave your comments here.

that is a very difficult choice, they all would be great. If we had an online seminar, I like the idea of asking questions in real time as well as having the thread available for later use.

All of the above:D

Seriously, all of the above:D

Yeah that sounds good. All of it sounds good! Whachuknowboutputtintogethersitethat coversclosetoeverythingwewant? I guess you know a lot about it! By the way, I’m all for a giveaway-I need a new car.

all of the ideas look great. perhaps more feedback from charlie!!

What don’t we want.

It seems that the forum has a mix of experienced, highly trained athletes/coaches and the novice athlete/coach.

ya i agree with the all of the above. but i did select training articles. aside from the books and some articles on t-mag, there isnt alot of CF’s stuff out there…and we are thirsty for more.

also, other board memebers, if they have articles to share, that also would be cool.

but what do i know?

How can you chose from a list like that? I tried to check the all, but for some reason it wouldnt let me. I would love to participate in the survey, but I dont wanna short change myself on some information…I am just too greedy! So i am gonna go with the rest of the members…ALL OF THE ABOVE!

all of the above. (If enough of us say it hopefully something will get done about it!!)

The J-Man says ALL OF THE ABOVE.:smiley:

I’m not really keen on contests, but all of the rest sounds very attractive…

I just want to move to Canada & work with Charlie so I can reach the next level.


Gimmee gimmeee gimmee it alllll :smiley:
Plus a chance for an all expenses paid chance to train with Charlie for a whole season - well phase - microcycle - ok an afternoon :sing:

I want vid clips of Ben’s races…all of them…and a suitcase full of unmarked twenties or else…

Well, I gave a response, but like most of you, I really couldn´t choose! I don´t know about giveaways and contests - I´d hate to see the site go cheesy! But the chance to watch Charlie work, or a free seminar (when I get over to North America!) …

Keep up the great work. I don´t thinnk that we can say it enough - thanks for putting together such a fantastic site, allowing us to exchange ideas with one of the greatest minds in the business! :clap:

It is nice to have Charlie posting more frequently again.