What do you mix your protein with?

I’ve been wondering about this for a while. Usually i mix it with milk, but i read that milk should me severely limited if you want to lose fat. So what do you guys mix your protein with?

Water or milk, maybe a banana, or some yogurt. I used to make tuna-peanut butter milkshakes with a bit of oatmeal in them, or I would boil eggs, remove the yolk, and then blend them up with some yogurt and PB. Mmmm, the good old days.

Man, that is commitment!!! Tuna and penut butter milkshakes!

Milk ( non fat milk ) + Natural Brown Sugar + Aveia Quaker. That´s it !! Sometimes, banana too.

For the most part, just water. Sometimes milk.

chocolate milk

I could be wrong, but wouldn’t milk slow down the absorption of your shake. If this is your post workout shake it probably wouldn’t be the best idea. It would be fine for right before bed though.

If your protein is good, you may have both fast and slow release PW.

Also, Oni, I thought that milk, or calcium in general, helps with fat loss, long-term at least; comments?

milk causes an insulin spike, take pwo not before bed unless you’re really looking to gain weight.

Really? I on the other hand heard that milk is detrimental towards fat loss diets so it should be consumed minimally. :confused: I hope im wrong :smiley:

Old? why’d ya stop?

I would have to say depends on type of milk and how frequent, especially if its long term with respect to weight loss.

Joe is lactose intolerant. we use soy milk. vanilla is great… the calcium fortified kind.
this is for his whey protein mix; low carb, high protein.

It won’t help with fat loss, it doesn’t burn extra cals like thermogenic tabs, milk’s just extra cals.

Suppose drinking e.g 500 cals worth of milk after training wouldn’t make you GAIN fat though.

Same as usual, carbs cause insulin spikes, glucagon (releases adipose) is low when insulin is high.

I mix unflavoured whey in water.

It’s just that I remember from somewhere that long-term calcium consumption helps fat loss in some way; it doesn’t work as a pill, for sure and many don’t even “like” milk at all…

I can’t support it, it’s just something I must have read/heard somewhere, so…

Practise as you please! :slight_smile: