What do you do?

We’re interested in getting to know you better.


Sorry to steal the thread. I officially called myself a coach, not an athlete with coaching ambitions…

Feel sad now in a happy sort of way…

i’m a part-time athlete :wink:

What about an athlete that already coaches? That’s me.

Was a security guard (“Bouncer”, “Doorman”),
In night clubs, pubs in UK.

Was easy, but got bored of standing around immitating a plank of wood. Saw some trash in the clubs, but also met some nice people & some birds. But never liked having a boss who wouldn’t tell me where I’d be working untill an hour before the job sometimes. Gave up the job.

Now learning about website building, and doing general bits and pieces.
Track is my release and my passion.

You’d fall into the “none of the above” vote.

Hope this helps


Was a middle school teacher, now I am just coaching.

Cheers, I never even saw the vote chart till you pointed it out :o