What Creatine Product?

What creatine product do you use?

Is a creatine product in tablet form (convenience) that you recommend?

C10 is talked about but is expensive. What extra do you get for the money?

Is there an alternative to C10 - that is cheaper but as effective?

Thank you.

Many of the new creatine products are in capsule form (covered tablets) and are using different types of creatines with new transport methdods that are outstanding. Not only are you getting better absorption but you are getting less “side effects”. One company (not xcell, prolab, eas or biotest) is releasing a product very soon…two weeks.

Cost is allways a factor with quality…I will keep you posted.

I totally understand about the cost issue and it is all relative to the desired effects.

But what you have to think about is would you like to purchase a $10 haircut and then have to pay $15 to get it fixed or simply get the $15 haircut first thing? :smiley:

The cheapest creatine monohydrate available. It’s all the same stuff in my opinion.

Thanks for the replies.

“You get what you pay for”

IF I asked that question in a different way:

“What creatine product out there is best, with respect to price (benefit: cost ratio)?”


Although I can not point to any specific clinical data at the moment, I do believe that you will find some significant differences between forms of creatine products.

One issue has to do with shelf stability, although a minor point. Differences between cellular creatine levels for mono and various salts are probably very minor and will level out quickly if any occur. One major difference however is the reduction in extracellular bloat and stomach upset.

The addition of krebs intermediates can make an impact upon resting metabolic rate. During intense training intermediates are not the limiting factor but rather the alteration in enzyme ratios and ph. It is also the build up of these intermediates that is heavily responsible for EPOC. So in practical experience with myself and other athletes, we have found that specific products that directly alter this response are exceptionally productive

One such substance that has turned out to be exceptionally intriguing, Creatine L-Carnitine Dihydrogen Phosphate, has shown some exceptional potential. At the current pricing however, it does not seem a very feasable product. You will however see many companies putting splashes of this in their new products coming this fall.

Creatine Ethyl Ester is the king of all creatine in my opinion. I have yet to find one person who has not responded exceptionally well to this product, even at doses 1/4 of what you would use for mono. And also, many of the side effects associated with mono virtually dissapear with CEE. Now there has been a flash of new products with CEE hitting the market over the past 6 months. But I have yet to see one that has capatilized fully on the benefits of this product. Our recent testing with some of our athletes has shown a few inexpensive tricks to really get the body rocking substantially with CEE while saving money at the same time. Got to love that!

So besides rambling, my point is to give some of the other forms a shot and take recordings of your data. Include heart rate, rest times, performance, etc… Based upon feeling you may not notice anything because you are still working exceptionally hard, probably even more intense. But based on paper statistics you will likely be suprised in my opinion.

one of the new creatines caled Kre-Alkalyn has been working really well for me…I’ve been taking it for a week and have noticed strength differences…

Much like manufacturers using the ZMA patent to release their own branded version, a number of manufacturers have brought out their own branded product using the original, patented Kre-Alkalyn formula.





These supplement companies blow so much smoke it’s always hard to distinguish between the gimmicks and genuine products. Contaminant free?

All American Pharmaceutical headquarterd in Montana is the manufacture of Kre-Alkalyn. I have personall feelings tied up into this company so I will refrain from making any comments as they may not be based totally upon fact.

Personally I really like Kre-Alkalyn. For those that don’t know, it is creatine bonded to sodium carbonate to create a buffer system. They extend the patent to various forms of creatine and sodium bicarbonate as well to cover all the bases.

Soda carbonate is a much stronger buffer than bicarbonate and you will most likely notice the results of this when you consume it. Very few people report many side effects if any. Certainly worth a try.

PS- Possibly a combination of CEE and KreAlkalyn (for the buffering) will be great. Maybe we should try out small doses of soda ash, say 1-2g pre-training to see how it works alone. I will get if for anyone up to it!