What Can We Learn from Usain Bolt's Victory

Parents that duel would probably result in a lot of single-parent households’

(just busting your chops)

good idea though! Only the strongest shall survive!

While I was training here in houston there was a sprinter who trains with bolt that was in town to run a 4x100 with some st. kitts athletes that train out here as well. Actually I think almost all st. kitts athletes train out here besides kim collins. He was at the track talking to a guy about their workouts all I overheard was that they did alot of sled pulling with heavy weights and thats why they are so powerful off the start and acceleration. He also said bolt was running 10.3 in practice in 06 and he was actually faster than bolt then at 100m lol. He said they also do 300m time trials and bolt came through in 32 seconds and the rest of them were between 33-33.9 seconds. Man he was talking so much it was very interesting to listen to even though he didnt know I was listening in

just a note , does charlie think bolt is using PED’S .

CAN HE give honest explanation of bolts increase in performance from summer of 2007 to summer 2008 and now

if he is this genetic freak would he not been born one and been one in summer of 2007 when he finished behind gay in 200m final

, where did this increase in power and resultant increase in stride frequency come from

and without effecting stride length to much ,obviously what makes him so fast.

why did he change his sprinting technique ,
had he not found the technique that was fasstest for him based on power he could
generate wth them long levers for legs back then ,

but now running with a low leg recovery ,more forward mechanics like powell
whichis only possible to run fast with this style if can generate the nessary power , which
diidnt have in 2007 .

can you give me your honest assesessment

Since you are a new member…no dope talks here, there are other forums for that.

usain’s been running fast his whole life he didnt just suddenly become fast…do a little research first before statements like these.

Watch the drug suggestions here. In any event, his mechanics are traditional and are not like Asafa’s at all. Three years ago, everyone was bitching about triple extension and how Asafa was the new wave. Now everyone has swung back to traditional strides like Bolt shows. I don’t know where you see low leg recovery. Are you talking about the start from blocks?
In fact, whatever is right for the individual is the way to go. Check all the photos on the image thread here to see the differences.

Yep, and you can put the goddess Sanya Richards in there too as her dad is a full blooded Jamaican. You know, sometimes looking into a racial group that is not your own and discovering the nuances is sometimes hard to do but being a black man myself I can tell you that there is definitely something different about the Jamaicans beyond there culture and language accent. They are a very tough and hardy group of people, mentally and physically; much more so then U.S born Africans.

My guess is that it has something to do with the awful slave trade that happened long ago. You see, the people who occupy Jamaica come from the small groups of Africans that fought back and escaped slavery into the land where they occupy today. There bloodline stayed relatively in tact as well; they did not mix with Indians or Caucasians.

You guys are funny, better go out find a Jamaican wife.

From what i’ve seen Bolts heel recovery is better(higher) this year than last. Though I do see similiarites between he and Powell(08, 09), Bolt looks more fluid and a little more relaxed. At the start, there are definite similarities which also came about in the 08, 09 year. If he was starting that way in 07 and prior, I didn’t see it.

Sorry to bring up an old thread but saw no need to start a new one.

I have been listening to a Glen Mills interview. They are discussing 2008. Basically the reason they began to do 100’s and train for 100 speed was because Glen noted that Usain was not fast enough and that he had to blow it all out at the beginning of the 200 in order to keep up and that is why he got 2nd in the 2007 200m final. So…he says they specifically worked to increase Bolt’s speed and worked on his 100 early in the year, the result being he broke the 100m WR in 3 races. Mills says they worked to peak TWO times in 2008 - the first one in May/June then the second at the Olympics.

Where can the interview be found?

I try to find the exact video but here is a video where he provides some hints: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-41xfXoptI

Ok… Here are the series of videos:
Summary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zD3yQYEtIUI&feature=channel
Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEQaHQOO7co&feature=related
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AE-N9zSRMYY&feature=channel
Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5FOG9SWEyk&feature=channel

Yeah those are the vids where he says two peaks among other things.

A lot of people try to write off mills because he has the most talented sprinter, true, but who planned the training to run 100m so he got faster for the 200. Remember Bolt wasn’t the same Bolt he is now until he went to mills.

Would anyone happen to know what Usains views are on competing in the long jump in the near future?. Is he considering it?.

I think it’s something he is just putting out there. I don’t seriously think he will do it.

Mills has done a fantastic job with Bolt but not just for the obvious reasons of top performances. Combine his marks with the fact that with few exceptions Bolt has remained relatively healthy under Mills (his recent achilles issue did not seem to be very serious as he did not miss that much comp.). As a younger athlete, it seemed he had many more injuries than he does now while putting out incredible outputs.

Also, under Mills, Bolt has continued to significantly improve (massive understatment I know) his performances. So often, it seems, the very talented junior athlete does not continue to improve or at least rarely by so much. This is clearly not the case with UB.

Agreed. Mills is sharp, so is S. Francis.
Listening to those interviews and reading interviews with Mills you get an idea of how good a coach he is. Without him there is no Bolt, the dominant freak. He would probably still be getting injured after every WC 200 final. Wonder how many other guys had this talent yet it was not realized because of poor coaching, MLF…


Great vid with some cool insight from Bolt. Awesome he is working with these kids and seems to enjoy it.