What books should i buy first

I don’t have enough money to buy all the books, but which book would you reccomend to read first.

In my opinion the CFTS covers most of the basics, so I would buy that first, then it gives you an understading of a lot of the topics on the forum, and the ability to contribute and therefore develop your own ideas. But, hey, I’m just one guy!!!

I’d go with CFTS, its our foundation product and much discussion here is had on its contents.

After that, you can get a different perspective or an entertaining read with our Forum Review or Speed Trap.

If you have problems with funds, contact me for a bundle price for all of them


thanks guys, much apreciaiton (spelling?)

killing of the unicorn, dorthy stratton story.
author … peter bagdonovic…


i cant wait to buy charlies DVD’s everyone is talking about on here … so u may want to look into that too