What bicycle do you own?

For those of you who own bicycles what do you have and or suggest?

I already tore apart 2 of those crappy 50-100$ toy store bikes in the past 3 months. I’m now looking to upgrade.
I only ride the bike around town up to work and around during the day probably putting about 5 miles a day on it. There are slight hills. I just need something that will not fall apart on me, and wont be a bitch to pedal like some of these toy bikes are. I am looking to spend under $300. I was looking at the Trek 3700. Any suggestions?

i have a trek 4400 and good solid bike.stick with trek and you won’t be far off from the best for quality

Scott Aspen

look at the initial post…budget of $300 is the issue :wink:

I own a BMC Easton Streetfire road bike. Awesome bike.

Trek or the cheaper version of Trek are good.

I have an Eddy Merckx track bike. Its nice.


I’m owner of Giant alu boulder now for 7years and it still serves me well

I’ve got the 4300, X-Man! :wink:
I second the comment, of course! I’ve got it for 6-7 years, I don’t give a s**t about it, but it still serves me great! Poor thing…
As X-Man says, solid!

oops my bad :o …do you want a road or mountain bike? What about EBay?

Yours in trying to regain some credibility :stuck_out_tongue:

I own a bike store. My advice is to go into a shop that has people who ride in it. Make sure they can service the bike. Let them know that you commute around on it. Lots of miles=wear and tear. Any bike shop bike will be better then a department store bike. Lube the chain when it makes noise, pump the tires up to recommended pressure and you should blow away the toy bikes.

Anyway don’t buy bike in Wal Mart!

Thanx fellas! :slight_smile:
Just got a trek 4300 for 275$ with new front shox off of Cragislist. Its in great condition.

If you treat it like me, it’ll last long! If not, it’ll last longer! Enjoy! :wink:

Well. It only lasted 6 months before I chained it up went to the city and came back (during the day) and its gone! Somebody jacked my shit! :mad:
Now better question since I know what bike I want. What lock to get?

This brought me a flashback from High School High (semi-parody of Dangerous Minds) with Jon Lovitz and the scene when he first arrives at some exaggeratedly ghetto school.

He gets out of his car and looks around the parking lot. Five seconds later he looks down, and finds that all that remains of his briefcase is the handle that is in his hand. The briefcase was jacked while he was holding it.

Then, he turns around and does a double take…his car has vanished.

Of course this all took place within the 5 seconds it took to look around the parking lot.


Sorry to hear that though Quik.

colnago mexico from my racing days, and still use it…why…75.5 % seat tube angle…

road queens paks bike race with it.


Colnago Master Olympic with typical early 90’s color scheme. When it comes to components you get what you pay for. I’ve got Campagnolo Chorus on mine and the bike practically rides itself, even after 10+ years.

not sure how the prices in the US are compared to here in Aust. but i have a Giant. Dont use it much, however its a light, fast bike. Being light its good for the up hills. As for locks, well, you could strip it down, sand it, paint it too look like a bike that nobody would look twice at… REal bad paint job coupled with pink… Then you wont need a lock.