What are you guys doing for your diet plan? Am I eating too much? :)

Here is my typical daily food intake:

7:00am: breakfast 4-6 egg whites, orange juice, toast with jam (If no time for egg whites I’ll have a 30G protein shake and toast

9:30am: snack Orange or apple or fat free yogurt

10:30am: snack Orange or apple or fat free yogurt

11:45am: Lunch usually turkey breast on a whole wheat bagel, chocolate milk and bannana

2:30pm: snack fat free yogurt

4:30pm: 30 grams whey protein

6:00pm Workout
Immediately post workout 30 grams whey protein with chocolate milk

7:00pm Supper fish or chicken breast, pasta, corn, green beans, etc

8:30pm - Cereal (strange I know but I like it as a snack) :slight_smile:

9:00pm - Usually 30 grams whey protein before bed depending on intensity of my workout that day.

I also drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.

Am I eating too much? BW is around 194 now. (Down from 205 several months ago)

thanks :slight_smile:

i think you may want to buy some stock in yogurt and whey protein :cool:

and chocolate milk :smiley:

If u feel ok , and ur bodyfat isn’t too high , since ur losing weight I doubt ur eating too much .

Any other supplements ?

haha I know I am brutal :slight_smile:

I LOVE whey protein with chocolate skim milk. Also after my workout the only milk I can get that is low fat is chocolate :slight_smile:

The yogurts I dont care for all that much but it is something to snack on that I can take to work easily.

I forgot I also take a multivitamin, gloucousamine (SP?) and B12 complex as well :slight_smile:


i agree with what gloop said
also you seem to be gettin a good amount of protein. That is the only thing i really calculated. By as long as you feel good and your not getting extra body fat then everything is fine. However i have no idea how you have the time to eat that often. It seems in order to eat that way all you must think about all day is your next feeding.

damn chris you’re packing away the grub!

is the 10:30 snack needed?

and cereal at 8:30? can you go with out that?

and where are the veggies!

and remember variety.

I usually eat veggies with supper: corn, green beans, rice etc. I work in IT (Internet/Network security) so I am at a computer all day long. Lots of time to snack :slight_smile:

Cereal at night is occassional not all the time. I certainly love to eat though heheh :slight_smile:

I sometimes do not have the snack at 9:30 but most of the time I do :slight_smile:

That all seems good Chris,
Just two small suggestions, choose only one fruit option (a fast Carb) for the morning Carb and try and get another slower Carb (maybe give oats a try?) for the other option so your sugar levels don’t raise and fall too quickly - not a biggie but depending on your activity or concetration may have and effect later.
And maybe as the lads pointed out replace the cereal with a protein and fat meal (or a slower Carb) in the evening.
Best of luck

They sell organic grilled veggies at Whole Foods that can be carried easily and taste good cold.