What annoying things have happened to you when training?

What annoying things have happened to you when training?

This is a small thing, but I train in a field across from a school that I train at. This is a public field, not private property or owned by anyone. Anyways, I also live in this neighborhood (the school is a private school).

Well, anyways, some people who live around the field like to take there little brats to the field to play. I have no issue with that, there is a playground and such over to the side, and the field is quite large.

But recently, I have seen they have done themselves a service of setting up goals and soccer fields, and recently little (really little) baseball fields (lines etc.). Still, don’t really have an issue with that, even though don’t think they have a right to do it, and if someone walks off with there stuff, good for them is what I say.

But my issue shows up when a person or group see’s I’m training, and I only take up a 100m line of space, only train there on low intensity days, and decides they want to be there too (show up after I’m there). The group that showed up was a little kids soccer rec (neighborhood) game. The coach saw me there and there was an open field they made next door, but decided to put down there anyways. Anyways, I just kept running through the field, with them there any how, and didn’t say anything because I had only two reps to go. If it happens next time, I’m doing to walk up to the numbskull and tell him I’m training here, and move unless he wants to see him or his kids get run over by me, because I’m not stopping for them. I did, however, get a soccer ball kicked in front of my path once, which really heated me up.

They don’t move next time, there is going to be some soccer ball punting going on, and they can go learn how to run :slight_smile: .

Anyways, that is just a tiny problem I put up with today, but what annoying things have happened when you have been training?

People stepping in front of me while sprinting – many times this has happened and it is extremely annoying and dangerous.

People taking up squat racks or benches and messing around the entire time.

General fooling around on the track or in the weightroom to a point where it effects others is just my major pet peeve.

People using the squat rack for bicep curls! I wanna slap the shit outta someone everytime I see it.

  1. When one of my smartass training partners feels the need to brag if he/she happens to beat me in a rep (like it even matters!) The coach would tell them its a 80% run and they would go 100% just to try an win the rep so they could brag, its extremely annoying and its detrimental to their training because they will be damn tired when they are finished.

  2. When we are doing start practise and some troublesome spectator mimics the start call before the starter does it, causing a needless false start!

  3. People fooling around too much, wasting time, I mean come on, yes have the little foolin around once in awhile during rest periods, but not when we have work 2 do!!

Good gods. I hope you don’t a lot get any wrist curlers in the squat racks where you are at (they are surprisely common at my gym). :eek:

TONS at my high school with the baseball team. They can bench and wrist curl, but will you ever see them using the rack for squats or deadlifts or cleans? Never.

From my coaching point of view…

a parent of a athletes i USED to coach talking non stop in my ear and telling his daughter what to do during sessions…what a headache

no need to say once i politely said please do do that he packed up and went to another coach.

and PROPHET im hearing you gym wankers piss me off big time…

How about this one. I show up in the weight room and see our #1 recruit freshman (girl) doing squats. During a set, RIGHT NEXT TO THE RACK, 2 football linemen are doing swim-move contact drills with a dumbbell in one hand. Every move they were about 6" from hitting the bar while she’s lifting. Did I mention our football team was 0-10…oh I better not…

I try to stay far far away from humans when practicing, especially in a park. I hear so many stupid, rude, and just annoying comments that my already low opinion of humanity gets lower all the time. I propose legislation that anyone doing that circus music thing to a juggler be killed on the spot.
As far as the weight room: nevermind, I see the same crap as everyone else. I try to get in there with one one else around.

On our team one word means get-the-f-out-of-the-way “track!” I have a voice developed by public speaking, and 3 years of choir. People on the opposite side of the track get out of my way. Except freshmen. Stupid freshmen I usually push them as hard as I can just out of principle.

The most annoying thing in the world? The P.E. classes telling the student to do laps, when our horrible gravel track is a lagoon. It makes foot-shaped ditches just big enough to twist your ankle in. Stupid teachers.

As a hurdler, I’m faced with a whole deluge of problems. I make it a habit to let people know what lane I use, lane 5 (on our 6 lane track). It’s a known thing. That’s where the hurdlers practice. That’s where I practice.

At least two times a week we set up at least some of the hurdles for the 300IH for pacing workouts, and without fail I will start my run and once I’m already half way through I’ll look around and realize that of the dozens of hurdles available for use on the field, some jackass has taken my hurdle out of lane 5 so they can go use it for long jump or for stretching or some shit. It’s my hurdle, on the 300IH mark, on the track, to be used for hurdling! If you wanna stretch, then go get the numerous other hurdles laying around the infield that are there for that purpose. Leave me alone!

And then don’t even get me started on stupid freshman doing the warmup laps on the inside lanes. Fast on the inside, slow on the outside!

Maybe schools should have a required weightroom etiquette pre-requisite course before you can use the weight room. Same for the track.


First- the tennis team sometimes practices on the infield of our indoor track and can’t be bothered to put the nets down- one of these days someone will run over a tennis ball and break an ankle

second- there are clearly posted walkings hours when the indoor track is open to the public, but old people think they are an exception to this rule and will walk whenever they damn well please, including directly in the lanes we are running in.

last and MOST annoying ever: i was doing a set of paired lifts, going back and forth btw a rack and a chinup bar. Some kids from the ski team who have never set foot in the weight room before came in and un-racked my bar- when i came over and said i was still working there, the kid gets all angry and goes, ‘the equipment is for everyone, it’s not yours if you’re not using it- even if you’re resting’

to my great amusement he racked the bar and tried to do squats, not realizing that our plates are in KILOS and not POUNDS. ah hahaha he got stuck, and i didn’t help him… some other kid did, and was embarrassed. ass.

That assumes that the people who coach in the weight room and track and field, at the high school level, know the first thing about what there doing. From what I’ve seen, that isn’t always the case (being nice).

During track training?
My coach!!! Right after finishing a rep, I’ll be trying to catch my breath and he’ll come right up to my face and say “how did that feel? give me some feedback” :eek: aaaahhhhh give me a break dude…, let me breathe first and then I’ll give you “feedback” if I feel like it… :cool:

Yeah thats a problem at with my team, I am a sprinter but we have a bit of a distance powerhouse going rightnow and I always make sure to call “TRACK” whenever they come around doing some 400m repeats when we’re doing warm ups. They yell track i yell track and the other good sprinters yell track cause we know we don’t want to get any distance runners hurt becasue they are the pride of our program and none of the sprinters are going to states. Well anyways after hearing track(or some variation like get out of lanes 1 and 2) about 9times yelled in their ear the freashmen girls might start to turn around and ask why the fuck are you hurting their ears and then they’ll give you a look that says: since they are god’s gift too the earth they’ll get their little freashman boy to beat you up. I either pull one out of the way and let the others get the picture or i just let the distance people run straight through lanes 1 and 2 and see what happens. We’ve had 3 girls trucked by skinny sub 10 2milers, it’s great. It took us about a month to get over the problem becasue our sprinting “coach” is pretty lax(and kinda dumb on what we should be doing) so we have people who show up twice a week and never go the meets. We have some dumb fucking kids who don’t seem to put “Track” and “clear lanes 1 and 2” together. I think after 2 girls got trucked in the span of 5 minutes most people got the idea. I don’t mean pushed out of the way, since i failed to do my civic duty and get them out of the way one of them got ran over and got a footprint in the middle of her back(the other distance runners kindly went around) and the other girl got pushed off into a set of hurdles. I didn’t really approve of the distance runner’s approach to the situation but when I a run the 100 equivalent of a 4:10 mile then I can block the distance runners paths. By equivalent i mean state champion. Odds are that won’t happen.

look at my pre-warm-up:




( i went for 6x120m)