What About Dara Torres?

What’s the deal?

Could you be more specific?

I don’t know. someone mentioned her training and starting a thread in other sports so that’s what I did. Like I said in the DB post I thought she was trained by jack barnathan. I’ve just heard that guy make some pretty ridiculous statements that have made me dismiss him and his work (and therefore credibility) altogether.

I am very sure that Richard Quick and Robert Weir were responsible…

I didn’t know for sure, so that helps.

Back to this…

Dara Trained at both SCSC and Stanford…why is this such a mystery? Tracks, weightrooms, swimming pools, and football fields are not small places! What is with all the secrets?

I don’t know. Someone else mentioned her, and I started the post.

No shot against you…dell dell are you listening? No secrets! Great masters want to share so look for big improvements and follow the athlete and coach.