Westside For Skinny Bastards

Is this program any good at improving strength and power for track & field?

Or should i drop this program and start a more specific program?

thanks in advance guys

Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

WSSB is a great TEMPLATE for developing strength for any sport. However for track and field sprinters you must pay special attention to exercise selection and the way you vary the volume during different phases of the year. I favor the template as is with few modifications (possibly inclusion of complex training pairing a plyometric exercises after each set of a strength exercise) during the summer when an athlete is not sprinting much with the exception of a bit of acceleration training. However as the season progresses after SPP I prefer total body workouts. I still use the basic principals Max Effort, Dynamic Method, Repetition Method etc. derived from Eastern European Research. However I set the template up a few different ways. It is crucial that the volume and intensity is monitored carefully. Remember when you add something you must take something out. So you cannot attempt the same volume during lifting when you are sprint training as when you are lifting by itself.