Westside baby

They lift hard but what grade would we give them for technique?


That’s the beauty of big-time football. There are no other gym users!!:slight_smile:

That video is nice to watch. Our gym’s intensity is equivalent to a newborn eating a cupcake.

Does gym intensity = Greatness?.

Don’t think so.

No, but it equals an atmosphere that is more conducive to maintaining training intensity and motivation in your workout.

I didnt know i was speaking for all programs. Just the two programs in question—Mizzu and UCLA. In both programs the bell is used in the same manner.

I’ve discussed it with the football players at my school. We’ve decided we are going to get a “gong” for the weight room. :stuck_out_tongue:

Weight room intensity doesn’t make instant champions, but it’s a great start. It creates enthusiasm, team work, and creates an atmosphere where people start to believe anything is possible. Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Mizzou, all examples of hard work helping teams. It’s not the only component of champions, but it’s a helluva a start.

My favorite is the Colorado video with the gong.

lol… (my lol has to be ten characters, so…)


Is there a competition for screaming?

Today is screaming day, please warm up your vocal chords.

Give me Metallica and heavy metal anyday of the week.

I am deaf, play both as background music, when an event gets something happening with the nusic, turn it up a bit. when thungs get boring turn it up a bit, like they do at basketball. Merl Haggart singing the ogie from moscogie (spelk rong for graduates).

You should make a video James.


A production crew was contracted by our program to conduct a feature on our physical preparation program.

It was exceptionally well done from a production standpoint. I am eagerly awaiting its finalization for public viewing.

I’m not sure when it will posted; however, I was told that there’s only one component left to finalize.

The video features brief interview excerpts with Buddy, myself, and some of the coaches as well as varied training footage.

It’s truly a fantastically well produced piece.

It will be posted on www.gopittfootball.com when it’s complete.

But does it have “lil wayne” in the background? LOL

We surely don’t have much in common with most other programs out there and I think this will be reflected in the video feature.

Do you think these videos help recruit young athletes esp city athletes?

That’s a good question. My first thought would be that the videos don’t play much of a role in recruiting unless a particular program’s media department makes it a point to highlight the physical preparation and the recruiting coordinator and recruiting coaches subsequently market what the guys in the basement are doing.

The greatest recruiting tools are surely the current state of a program as well as its more recent tradition, it’s geographic location and demographics, the likelihood of freshmen having an opportunity to play, the condition of the game field/stadium, practice/training facilities, locker room, amenities, and, for better or for worse, the lineage of players from that program who go on to experience successful NFL careers.

Come on James, get a kid from Compton on your campus and show him this video and I think it would have a impact. Young urban kids would love this environment, you would be able to show them (this is how we do it) - we have to remember most young recruits sign with schools for the wrong reasons.