Welcome to No Excuses

One of our more interesting film series has now been released (in my opinion). ‘No Excuses’ was developed by Charlie Francis to address a common gripe with both Coaches and Athlete’s and that is access to facilities to do their work.

Here Charlie, with the help of his wife and former athlete Angela take you through the routines which range from basic to advanced levels.

The series is presented in a no nonsense manner and puts you right in the workout.

Much discussion is covered over this series and we ask that you post your questions here for both Charlie, Angela and the forum community at large that have seen the films.

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Just got finished viewing both the videos. Some pretty cool stuff. Very applicable especially to those who live in cold climates and during the indoor season are only able to get to a track twice a week because of travel time. This product shows you what you can do for your recovery days (tempo) without use of a track, or even a gym. The entire workout executed/filmed in a basement. Some questions I have are…
1… How would running in place compare to jumping rope? I know it may be much different entity all together since the running is done on a mat but I wonder if the heart rates achieved would be similar.
2… Would it be more beneficial to run on a treadmill if someone has acess to one than doing the running in place? Sorry if thats what the video isn’t about but just curious since most people have acess to a gym.
3… How would these sessions progress throughout the training cycle (more specifically during the competition phase and late in the competition phase where volume is being reduced).

1: Skipping would be as good and possibly better but the added height needed for the rope might not work in most basements- not mine anyway!
2: Again, a treadmill would be very useful but is expensive and again might not fit. it wouldn’t fit in ours and we were quoted some outrageous amount to sink an area in our floor to gain enough height for the treadmill- enough space for the tread and room for the motor to stay cool. for the amount we were quoted to drop the whole floor throughout, we could just train in Hawaii every winter for the next 20 years!
3: There is a limit to how much the sessions can prograss on the running end because of the possibility of shinsplints though you could move from the running to the bike work if you need more total volume. Of course after the indoor season you would progress from the basement work to tempo on any decent grass nearby once the weather improves.

Looking into getting another download of the basement tempo series I have the adv series 2 and I am looking into getting the tempo int or tempo advance, wondering which one would you guys recommend next?