Welcome to Charlie Francis Community

Francis was insistent in providing a place (now the Charlie Francis Archives Forum) for people to discuss the results he spent his life accomplishing. Francis insisted a forum for sharing ideas would be provided free of charge to allow anyone to participate.

This decade long discussion, which ended up encompassing more than 1 million posts with over 10,000 from Coach Francis alone, has launched the careers of many interested sprinters, coaches and students who all had one thing in common – the desire to run fast.

To celebrate the upcoming track event in the USA, I have been pushing myself to update this website and pushing the two amazing people who’ve been working with me for sometime to get this done.
Change is TOUGH.
As we move along the spectrum of our experiences, we either embrace change or live and love the reality of those changes.
I know I will lose some of you to other places and times and that’s okay. Maybe you too need and want change. I get it.
I am working hard to juggle a few things going on including some well over due travel but I am going to be connected for the most part.
For some reason, one of our main Canadian providers which will remain unmentioned decided to prevent me and my son and millions of other Canadians from using our phones yesterday. NOT cool for some of us who like to know where our families are and for those of us spending almost 400 dollars a month on cell and internet care.
Onward and forward and all I am doing is letting you know the changes I am making are going to help me spread Charlie’s work to a larger audience.
Thank you for coming, thank you for supporting my family and thank you for caring enough to stick around. It means a great deal to James and I.


Hi everyone

I am here to find helps to improve my speed.

Hello tlangidrik,

Improve your speed by practicing FAST and practicing RACING.

How do you set you up to succeed?

Go get yourself into a bunch of races and see how you do and watch others and study those whom you notice are winning.

A dad recently posted his thoughts on what information he wanted to learn from. Have you read that thread?

A great warm up is consistent and includes continuous easy jogging and easy and gentle exercises to gradually get your body ready for next steps.

The forums have lots of cool info and I also suggest looking at “Speed Trap” and “The CHarlie Francis Training System”.