Welcome our newest Moderator

Its with great pleasure that we introduce X-Man as a site moderator. Bug him now!


Good work X-Man…perks and benefits to follow.


All the best, X-Man! :wink:

Can this X-man make fire, or blades pop out of his fingers. What special powers will he bring to “The Mod-Squad”? :smiley:

I don’t know which of those he’ll do but one things for sure, He has an avatar of Carl Lewis but even he wouldn’t be fast enough to catch up to your rep points or posts! :eek:

They should call you the Flash! :slight_smile:

thanks nik.special powers hhmmmm,sometimes i can fire bolts of lightening from my ass as william wallace said in braveheart.

i hope i can help those who need help and if i can’t i will put them in touch with the people who can.as for rep points don’t care

Yeah, I’m :eek: too. I don’t know what’s going on but it’s gotta be less embarrassing than lightning bolts out your butt. :stuck_out_tongue: … goodonya X-Man

congrats on the position.