Welcome our new Moderator

It is with great pleasure that we announce NO23 as our websites newest moderator.

No23 brings a wealth of experience and a no hassle approach to training.

No23 is here to change the face of athletics…so we wish him well.

Charlie & Team

Welcome aboard No23! Its about time!

Great No23 :D:D

Thank you, I’m honoured!

(Rupert can you clear your pm box please)

Well done, sir! :slight_smile:

to be sure that is good news :smiley:

Bueno (spanish for good)

Mui Bueno! :smiley:

Keeping up the good job you’ll make it to truly change the face of athletics.

Congrats no23, you deserve it!

COngrats, I don’t know what they mean by “changing the face of athletics” but hey keep it up.

Maybe one day I’ll be…hey, what is the next step up from mere basal level member?? :confused:

Oh well, maybe I’ll just try to get some rep points :wink:
I digress,
good work NO23!!! :cool: