Weightlifting in Training for Athletics-Part I

Zawieja-Koch, M. (2005). Weightlifting in Training for Athletics - Part I. New Studies in Athletics, 20, 7-23.

Top performance in most disciplines in athletics requires the athlete to optimise his/her strength capacity. The same, of course, is true in the sport of weightlifting. There, the relatively closed movements and controlable environment that characterise the sport facilitate the study of both biomechancs and training principles and thus, the science of the sport is quite advanced. As one result, successful weightlifters recognise the importance of correct technical execution of all movements and focus on this aspect in their training. In this artcle, the author, an Olympic medallist in weightlifting who now coaches, seeks to make the connection between the contemporary form of training in weightlifting and athletics, particularly in the area of general strength development. Making use of his knowledge and experience, he identifies the application of specific exercises and their variations as used by weightlifters to the general strength requirements of the event groups, and even specific events in athletics. He provides detailed explanations of the exercises athletes should use in their strength training, including description of the movement, objectives, didactics, fault identification and suggestions for correction. Because of its length and the number of illustrations, this article is presented in two parts, with Part II appearing in

Zawieja-Koch, M. (2005). Weightlifting in Training for Athletics - Part II. New Studies in Athletics, 20, 37-43,

where the author discusses the application of key training principles and the planning of the training programme.

I’ve read this post 4 times now, Nik. I don’t understand WTF it’s saying. Str capacity=Max STR=Important. Where do I find the links to the two articles?

Doh… It’s an Abstract isn’t it? Danm… So stupid of me.

Yeah, Nik is just pointing out that this article exists. I have it. Its pretty good for going over some of the info about the olympic lifts.

Interesting point - although I can’t remember the exact details the author is a German Olympic medal winning weightlifter (I think 1988). Also note his name Zawieja-Koch. Is he by any chance now married to Marita Koch? Anybody know?

Nothing to do with Marita Koch whose husband (and coach) is still Wolfgang Meier.

Martin Zawieja is from FRG and won Bronze at 1988 Oly Games at Super Heavyweight with 415kg total.

You couldn’t resist, could you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Palmtag, cut back on miles… :smiley:

At least I was right about the year, his gender, that he was German and that he finished in the top 3. Better than my memory for names!

I thought Koch was married to Meier but in these days of divorce left right and centre you never know!