weight vests

I have had good results with a weight vest.

do yall have a past thread about weight vests

i can see why ankle weights are bad for you but i cant see why weight vests are bad for you.

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Start here for a look at vests.


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What were your results with a weighted vest and how did you use it?

i decreased some of my times in less than a week’

i have a 20lb weighted vest made by x-vest…i plan on using it this summer when i run my routes and do my agility drills…Javon Walker’s trainer had him using one last off-season, and they said the green bay DB’s couldn’t cover him.

That’s not saying much :wink:

Weighted vests are fun and they are a good change in pace… not sure if it helps speed or if it is mental but when I have ran distance and did plyos with a 12lber the next session without it I felt much faster and lighter! I did not test to see if I actually made improvemnts but that would be an interesting experiment!

ya, that would be a good question to answer if it was physical or mental

im guessing its physical (which i hope) because the training on thexvest.com calls it contrast training.

weight vests are a poor tool to use running, they lower the COG and hip height. They are a great tool to be used during power speed drills and plyos.