Weight training and visual problems????

Is it posible that people with medium-large myopia (shortsighted) or with eye pressure, incresase their problems with heavy-weight training?

I read somewhere that people with pretty large degree of myopia (above 5 dioptries) should avoid heavy weight lifting, because it can increase it??

I have 3.5 diotry, and I am wearing lenses. I wear glassess form 5th class of elementary school (11-12yo). After going to faculty my dioptry stabilizes to 2.5, but as I started wearing lenses before 1 year, and/or after starting more serious lifting program, my dioptry started to increase once again. After 1 year of lenses my diptry increased to 3.5!!!

Any advice is highly apreciated! Thanks!


If there is a pressure problem from an accident/extreme stress, etc, heavy resistance training could cause a problem. But this is more of a guess and some experience I have with a friend of mine, who was advised not to keep his head down for a long time, for example.
As for myopia, I’ve never heard of heavy resistance training making things worse! Same for contact lenses!
Are you sure everything is ok with the lenses? :confused: Silly question, I know, but…

Wow, I find this very interesting…
I don’t know what my prescription is off the top of my head, but I do require vision correction. I have always noticed that whenever i’m exercising (doesn’t have to be weight lifting, it can be running around, playing basektball, etc.) my eye sight seems to get worse. I’ve asked my friends if they’re vision every gets “blurry” when they exercise… they didnt’ seem to konw what I was talking about

I found one interesting article about tissue disorders, eye floaters, trigger points and weigt lifting… worth the read.
Eye floaters
Eye pressure and lifting
Weightlifting may increase glaucoma risk

Since started weight lifting, I have one vision “disorder” on my left eye, but without diagnosis… oftamologists and neurologist cannot make a diagnosis because there are no morphological changes, nor eye pressure… They spin me round and round for year and a half!

Basically, around the source of light I see additional circle or ring with the same collor of the light source (with maybe some other collors on the outter portions). I think this is called Halo-effect! It is like I have a “fat” on my eye, but my vision sharpness is not altered… I see normally (with glassess/lenses), but with that additional “circle”…
Also, I have eye floaters since high school… and migrena ophtalmica… damn! :slight_smile:
My right eye vision is ok… but since last week when I did a very hard front squat my eyes almost poped out :eek: … now I have simmilar simptomes on my right eye but with lower intensity…
Again, my eye pressure is ok!
Any recomendations…??? I am pretty scared now… :frowning:

One interesting page also…

Duxx, interesting, i have just been studying on earobic and anearobic systems of late for uni.
seeims aerobic work can lower blood pressure in either hypertensive and normal clients up to 3-5hrs post exercise, since blood is taken to your eye, there may be a benifit.
as for weight training, there is no change in after effort blood pressure, yet, during weight training, your blood pressure can increase anywhere from 120 base to 250mmHg during an actual lift!

i personally have noticed, around 10yrs ago now, that when i was doing realy heavy leg presses, i used to hold my breath and really squeze the core to get the legs up. And the next day, one of my eyes were blood shot. that happened about 2-3times. always after real heavy leg presses. You can build up too much pressure in your body and pop blood vessels.
So, be carefull, especially if you got high pressure in your eyes already!

My pressure is normal (my doc says), but I will watch myself… One time my eyes was pretty bloody after one set for a minute… :eek: