Weekly volume of speed work for RB/S?

~1200m? No special endurance, so a lower volume of running than a sprinter would be appropriate, correct?

You would train them as a 55m/100m sprinter. Heres a week long example. Understand that this is a sample from a late season portion of a work out from a sprinter who has been training since sept.
Monday: 3x150m build-ups(warm-up)
1x300m, 200m, 100m @11-12 pace, walk back recovery
Tuesday: 3x150m build-ups
3x50m 100% full recovery
3x150m relaxed running
Wednesday: 3x150m build-ups
3x50m 100% full recovery
2x60m 9/10 speed, 40m relaxed maintenance
Thursday: 3x150 build-ups
2x100m 80%
Friday: light grass running
But yes if you did not want to run them that much since it is about to be season you would be correct.

I was thinking along those lines (train like a 60m sprinter). But that training week doesn’t appear to follow CFTS principles (hi/lo). :confused:

Gonna have to disagree with the posted example. No need for a RB/S type player to run 300m, 200m, etc for speed training. Football is acceleration and deceleration. Really no need to go out longer than 50-60m in sessions IMO.

Keep the sessions planned at about 300 yards, more or less. If you can go with more volume, fine. Even if you’re doing 3 HI days, that’s still about 900 or more yards per week which should suffice. Nothing is set in stone though numbers wise.

why are you thinking about the offseason, the season just started.

I don’t play anymore. Just helping somebody out.

He’s a bench-warmer right now, so he wants to bust ass right after the last practice is over.

you need to give him sometime to rest after the season, at least 1-2 weeks then work on developing his program.

It doesnt follow CFTS because its not from his camp. But it is from a very good speed coach. In regards to the guy that disagreed, thats why i said its from a early season 55m-100m sprinter program, I also told him to adjust it as need be.

Let’s stay on topic, please. :o

it is on topic, let him play the season then start offseason talk.lol

Planning is important.

No CFTS, no care. :stuck_out_tongue:

depends what his weakness is focus on that early in the week, for example top speed weakness.

mon: top speed/jumps/throws weights
tue: tempo
wed: acc/jumps/throws weights
thur: tempo
fri: same as wed

That program looks like it is mostly HI sprints, with the occasional build ups in there. Not applicable to football still. Football speed and track speed are different.

What is a build up?

dude r u serious, look around before asking such questions.

buildups can mean a progression in easy acceleration or increase in gradual distances of a sprint adding to the volume.