Weekly LiveChat setup?

I think the addition of Live Chat to the forum was a great idea, but it seems as though people are not taking advantage of it. It was a real success at first, and now every time I enter it, I am the only one there.

I was wondering if it was possible to get a weekly chat (ie sundays at 9) for everyone to look forward to going to? Of course, I am not the one who would be in charge of this, but it is just an idea that I had.

The biggest problem would of course be that we have so many members from different areas of the world. I think with some thought, it could turn into a great thing.

It could be a terrible idea, but I thought it sounded good. Any input would be great. Ideas?

There are a couple different things we can do here, if you want your own room here just ask.

I’d suggest organizing your chat group and then set a time to meet online.

We have a more robust solution we use for our formal discussions which isnt on this site.

The chat here at the forum is for fun and discussion on ALMOST anything you want.

As for being the only person in, keep an eye on who’s in the room, you never know who you are going to chat with.


Sounds like a good idea to me, I am available pretty much any time.