Weak Tissue?

I’ve been trying to re-start running for about a month and a half now, but I keep getting muscle strains. I tried on 3 different occasions. First, I went for a half hour run, came back and my adductor and arch got sore. I then tried to do a light tempo run, total about 2km at pace. But I got a light hammy strain that lasted for a little less than a week. And recently, I sprinted maybe 100ft, and got another hamstring strain! Ugh! It’s frustrating! Any advice?

Thats some poor planning sorry to say! You have had a while off if i remember? Start slow, one cant go from just walking into running a half hr or doing a sprint flat out and expect to feel fine…
You need to re-learn how to run again, start slow and short. A few 10min runs in the 1st week, then slow 1-2k tempo 2nd week adding in 15min slow jogs, by the end of a month, you should be able to run close to a half hr run and a deciennt pace 2k worth of tempo. Not right away, not after a lengthy break.
the hardest part you will find, is, your own expectations will be far too high. You wont be back breaking 2min 800’s in the next few weeks, that will take some time. Re-learn to run, even you upperbody will bounce n jiggle like its never run before. Give it a chance to adapt slowly. The 1st 4-6wks is the hardest, then, once that is done, you will be on your way to your best season ever…

Poor planning :frowning: I guess I may know how to develop a training program for an athlete training regularly, but I’m having to re-write my books just to learn how to start up again. Should I start lifting? Just peripheral stuff to help the shinsplints and sore arches I’m “going” to be dealing with?

yeah, i would, same thing, re-learn how to lift again, start basic then work your way up. Plenty of stretching too, the start up phase will tighten your muscles into a ball off pain… As much time spent stretching as training. You’ll be doing plenty of recovery based work. Re-learn and master drills, active warm ups, med balls. It will be like you have never worked out before. Then, once everything falls into place, the old, muscle memory will kick in and you’ll improve quickly.
After your “re-introduction”, what do you plan on racing? 8’s again? Maybe workout mathematically what event you are closer to WR pace in and choose that, based on you PBs??

I’m going to start training for the 800 again. It is the event I’m best at, but I’m taking a different approach than I’ve done previously. I’m going to put more of an emphasis on the 400m, I love to race that distance. It’s a fun race.

More speed, good choice. even they consider the 8 a enduracne event; its really a speed endurance event and needs to be trained as such.
Im sure you already have, check out what kk1 has to say on the lactic threshold thread.
If you follow along those lines, as well as being able to be Almost competitive in say the 3or5k, then your 8 will be a ripper. Remember, dont get caught up in only running 4’s, you stiill need that basic fitness to finnish off the last 200m. KK said someplace that one of his guys beat the national 800m champ in a 600m race. However, thats where the 800 starts, at the 600m. basicly, the 800m is a 200m sprint, after a 600m depletition effort. On top of that, you want to be at 600m in Line with the other starters, you dont want to be giving off a 2sec head start in a 200…

Palmtag, knowing how to train someone and training yourself can be two different things. Dan John made this point --that he needs other people to point out to him things about his own training that he tells the athletes he trains yet forgets to do himself.

I agree with bold’s analysis of the causes of your symptoms. What would you tell someone in your position? Don’t let ego get in the way --be the athlete you are now, not who you were last year.

Or the athlete I was three years ago :stuck_out_tongue: (1:56/51)

I always, always train harder, more consistently, and steadier when I’ve got competition. Especially when I don’t like said teammate. When I trained with Sac State’s team for 4 weeks, I was having tremendous progress, mainly because 5/9 of the team were asshats. Should I try and pair up with the cocky-sum-b… in my dorm? He was a 1:58 800 runner during HS as well, and he hasn’t run for a while either. Personally doing runs of 10-20 minutes is a bit humiliating :frowning:

Was it three yrs ago you were running those times!
It was 7yrs ago when i was running decient 800 times! This yr, there will be some half decient times for hopefuly the 400/800 from me. I’ll let you know how i go.