WC's predictions

With the WC’s a matter of weeks away its still not a sealed deal for gatlin. Bolt has shown he can still post a decent run but through the rounds it may tax him more compared to gatlin.

we also may see a top guy pulling up from injury, we may see an outsider blowing these 2 guys apart.

any insights from how these guys are training and anyone wants to predict who will take gold then go for it?

It will be very interesting to see how the WC go this year. I am excited to see how our local young De Grasse will do as his season has been so long and so successful plus he has school in the fall, another season ahead where he will be expected to perform and the Olympics in the horizon. WOW.

any inside info on De Grasse ange? surely a very long season with his college season which must have started april or so outdoors.