WC's Betting!!!!!

Right guys.its WC’s again and all starts tomorrow.as i do every year i try my best to take alot of dosh from the betting business.haile let me down 2years ago and the loss was alot due to the fact that my several other athletes won and all i needed was haile.

this year i would like to win something.i have posted the bets for the mens 100m which is wide open.gatlins looks great but its the other guys like zakari and especially obi which i think has it this year.

World Championships Mens 100m 06 Aug 09:00 - Outright Betting
EW: 1/5 1,2,3
Others on Request – Any N/R R4 May Apply
Selection Price
Gatlin, J 1/2
Aziz Zakari, A 13/2
Scott, L 9/1
Crawford, S 10/1
Burns, M 12/1
Obikwelu, F 12/1
Brown, D 16/1
Pognon, R 20/1
Collins, K 20/1
Thomas, D 25/1
Frater, M 33/1
Gardener, J 100/1
Lewis Francis, M 100/1
Devonish, M 250/1

the odds are above.very interesting indeed

Obikwelu and Aziz? I see no way for them to beat Gatlin and Scott.
Anyhow the 100m is not the same wo. Asafa…

X-Man, what about “your” boy Collins? He won you some money last time.

Thor he did of course but hes off since his last WC win.i’m really thinking of betting “each way” on obi @12/1.hes really a dark horse who can perform.

i also think gatlin is the #1 going on his buildup and will show great on the day.if things go my way i may go for a 1-2 perdiction with gatlin-obi.

thoughts anyone…charlie what bout you

hey i have never place a bet befor, well acept for the grand national each year. Am going to put my bet on Francis Obikwelu.

Francs obikwelu. Tommorow

Shumon i wouldn’t be the type of guy to bet or ever be seen around such places but take my advice and go each way with obi.@ the mo he is 12/1 but as the heats progress the odds will get lower as there will be only 8 men in the final!!!

I predict a US sweep in the 100m

  1. Gatlin
  2. Scott
  3. Crawford

owwww, i have just made a discovery each way on someone, that can make me big box, am talking about, big box.

owwwwwwwwwwwww, am getting up early tommorow.

am not telling you who this guy is, guess who.

am getting hyped up, wooooooooo.

when the beat goes on
just like my love
ever lasting

the beat goes on

i should of placed this earlier, becuase after the heats the odd will go down.

Scott would be lucky if he gets 5th.

Have you got any money on any of the heptathletes?

It was interesting to see Kluft doing a depth jump over a hurdle, starting on a steeplechase barrier! Ouch! Just saw that on tv, that was from her training yesterday.