WC predictions

you all know that i’m going to put a small bet on the WC’s and talking to some people heres what i’m going for.as you may see the listed are all strong favorites and odds will be even or under but a bet going onto another and another will add up to a good lump

Haile Grebrselassie 10,000m
Carolina Kluft Heptathalon
Hicham El Guerrouj 1500m
Maria Mutola 800m
Sureyya Ayhan 1500m
Kajsa Bergqvist HJ(will be dodgy with SA’s athlete)
Olhansan TJ
Kim Collins 100m
Felix Sanchez 400mH

I am going for Chambers to win, unless Greene comes back to form.

However, it is an open race.

Hey what are the dates for the 100m, 200m and 4x100m events at the WC?


The 100m is normally run on the first two days. 1st and 2nd rounds Saturday Aug 23, Semis and Final Sunday Aug 24.

Thnx Spartacus, I don’t suppose you or anyone knows a URL that would indicate the times TV will be broadcasting these events?? I am in EST.

thanks greatly

ps. I am trying to search, but having a little problems. I want to record the sprints races.

Try the official site and look in schedule. You may have to work out times from Paris time given you are in Toronto.


Looks like mens 100m is on the 24-25 Aug. and womens 100m 23 and 24 Aug.

Thnx for the URL spartacus

These are the times I got from the official site. All are Paris times so you will have to work out your own times from where you live. For us Aussies, Melbourne and Sydney are 9 hours ahead of Paris time but check just in case I am wrong.

aug 23.
1st round women 100m 10.30
1st round men 400m 16.35
2nd round w 100m 19.40

aug. 24
1st round 400m women 11.20
1st round 100m men 15.30
semis 100m women 16.55
semis 400m men 17.10
final 100m women 19.45

aug. 25
semis 100m men 19.05
semis 400m women 20.35
final 100m men 22.10

aug. 26
1st round 200m women 10.45
2nd round 200m women 20.00
final 400m men 21.50

aug. 27
1st round 200m men 12.20
semis 200m women 19.40
2nd round 200m men 20.00
final 400m women 22.00

aug. 28
semis 200m men 21.25
final 200m women 21.45

aug. 29
final 200m men 21.00