WC 1987 SF 1 & 2

Here are the 2 semi final races from Rome WC

Semi 1:

Semi 2:

fixed the above link

Your 2nd semi gives me an error when I click on the link, is it the correct link?

put a . before the zip at the end

you have to copy the adress paste as a “internet adress” on your browser and ADD a dot before the ZIP, click ENTER and then save as

Who´s the guy on lane 4 ? Look his set position ? What is that ??? :eek:

Andres Simon of Cuba. He is the 1989 60m WIC at 6.52


:eek: :eek:
Definitely that is a peculiar style of set position,
i guess it works…for him.

hey los the videos are great! and thanks for having naming them nicely :stuck_out_tongue: