WayneHobley's Training Journal

Right now I am a 100-400 Sprinter this year emphasizing on the 400 amd I am now doing some training with the CC team to get in shape for indoors and track. I do speed work and 400 meter type work instead of all out CC.

Tuesday September 2
2x400 at 60 sec. pace
3x300 at 47 sec. pace
In between each run alternating excerices
3x10 pushups
3x10 leg throws(rubberbands)
3x10 crunches,sit ups, V’s

P.S Weights today included
Squats 4x5
Power Clean 4x3

Today was fairly easy. Early in the day Plyometrics. Then today we did a mile and some 100 sprints.

Well I decided to quit cross country and play basketball. It will help more with speed.

hey man

you are really fast for your age

where do you live/train?

what’s your height/weight?

Thanx. I live in and train in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I am 5-9 or 5-10 and about 153 lbs… I think.